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Gluten Free Menu

Rice noodles in gluten free soy sauce
Vegetables 7.2  King Prawns 8   Chicken 7.5

Fried Rice
Egg 4                   Vegetables 5.8  
King Prawns 7.1      Chicken 6

Plain Chop Suey
Vegetables 5.5  King Prawns 7.9  Chicken 6.2
Stir-fry with cashew nuts 
Vegetables 5.9
  King Prawns 7.7   Chicken 7.3

Stir fried fresh pak choi in gluten free soy sauce Plain 7.1   King Prawns 7.5   Chicken 8.5

Foo young
Plain 5.7   Mushroom 6      Chicken 6.8

We take allergy or intolerance order seriously.

Please mention to our team for YOUR DIETARY REQUEST so we can well look after your meal.

*whilst we try our best to ensure your food is suitable for you,our dishes are prepared in areas in which allergenic ingredients are intentional ingredients, however we cannot guarantee that dishes are 100% free of these ingredients due to the preparation process

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