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Bao Collection 

T2 Spicy Beef Slider

Charred Beef, house pickle kimchi and mayo 

T3 Cha Siu Bao

Honey roast pork, hoisin sauce,

spring onions & cucumber 


T3A Twice-cooked Duck 

Mild red curried duck, sweet chili pineapple, spring green

T3B EPIC Chicken 

Classic crispy fried chicken,

garlic sesame dressing, house pickle 

T4 Shanghai Wor tip Gyoza

Wok fried chicken gyoza, aged vinegar, ginger dip (steam if requested)



Korean Fried Chicken

The Korean version of Katsu chicken bite

into the crispy panko crust and taste

the full punch flavour-rich, succulent chicken with our homemade creamy chilli dip,

to lift the taste to the next level

T5 Katsu Duck Bite 

Five spice pulled duck meat coated with

crispy panko, cook until perfectly moist, crunchy & golden! 

Drizzle with classic Tonkatsu sauce (homemade) & mayo.

Irresistible must try

T15A Shanghai Ribs

Roast spare ribs with sweet fragrant honey sesame soy sauce 


T19 Teriyaki Chicken Udon 


Think cut noodles, chicken, crunchy veggie, tangy teriyaki sauce


Spiced Salt & Chilli Squid

Panko squid, spiced salt &

szechuan chili crumb 

chilli squid.jpeg

T8 Dim Sum
(2 pcs each)

Har Gau, Siu Mei 

T14 Stir fried market vegetables

Freshly fresh chinese green like pak choi, chinese cabbage and beanshoot in garlic soy sayce. Finished with golden shallots.


T8 Rainbow Veggie Fritter

Very colorful selection of sweetcorn, carrot, courgette, onions coated with extra light cripsy tempura batter.


Dip into our traditional citrus soy (Ponzu) for the true flavor


T6C Home Baked Cookie Bun (VG)

Sweet and fluffy bun, golden cookie crust, chocolate custard sauce 

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