Katsu Duck Bite


Five spice pulled duck meat coated with

crispy panko, cook until perfectly moist, crunchy & golden! 

Drizzle with classic Tonkatsu sauce (homemade) & mayo.

Irresistible must try

Love at the first BITE

Highly recommended

homemade special

Herby Prawn Wonton 炸雲吞

Delicious fresh water prawn mixed with chopped coriander, sweetcorn & crunchy waterchestnuts. Fried tp perfect crispiness. Served with a garlic sweet pepper dip.


Korean Fried Chicken 


The Korean version of Katsu chicken bite

into the crispy panko crust and taste

the full punch flavour-rich, succulent chicken with our homemade creamy chilli dip,

to lift the taste to the next level

Irresistible must try

Homemade Coconut Mango ripple icecream


A perfect summer treat with our most popular toasted coconut icecream, blended with ripen mango swirl.

Truly tropical indulgence. 

Rainbow Vegetable Fritter

Very colorful selection of sweetcorn, carrot, courgette, onions coated with extra light cripsy tempura batter.


Dip into our traditional citrus soy (Ponzu) for the true flavor

Freshly Sauteed Market Vegetables


Freshly sauteed sweet & crunchy green pak choi, choi sum and beanshoot. Finished with crispy garlic & shallots.

Full of vitamin A & skin loving nutrition.

Healthy and full of great flavours 

Bun in two ways

1. Honey Roast Pork Bun

Tender & juicy roast pork,sandwiched between our homemade artisan fluffy steamed bun.

2. Charred Beef kimchi Bun 

Shanghai Wor tip (Dumplings)


A very traditional signature dish of

old Shanghai. Wok-fried dumplings

with juicy minced chicken filling,

along side with soy, aged vinegar & ginger dip making it even more scrumptious!

Crumbly Crispy Apple Pie i-PIE


Our most innovative dessert ever created!

An apple crumble and apple pie hybrid!

Crispy filo stuffed with chunky apple filling, topped with homemade crunchy crumble.


As a bonus, it's drizzled by homemade caramel sauce as a luxurious finish!

2 in 1 dessert blast with flavours, what are you waiting for?


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